What to Expect

What to Expect?

If you are visiting or checking out a Christian worship service for the first time, what can you expect in one of our services here at NBC?

  • As we gather for worship many people come early to chat, check out a book from our library or pray silently preparing themselves for worship.
  • You may come dressed as you are. We have no dress code. What matters most is your desire to worship.
  • When our service begins it will last approximately 60-75 minutes.
  • In the service you will find all types and styles of Christian music: hymns, gospel songs and contemporary Christian songs. Occassionally there is even special music.
  • Videos, children’s times and various others items are also regularily used in the service to make it a meaningful service for all.
  • We also spend time reading God’s Word, the Bible, in public and reflecting on this in various ways. One of the central aspects of this reflection is in the weekly sermon by our pastor. Each weeks sermon is meant to build people up into a fuller understanding of God.
  • Our service greeters provide a bulletin/ service program so you will know exactly what to expect each week.
  • After the service feel free to meet and talk with out pastors, chat or asked questions with anyone that was in the worship service.
  • We look forwarrd to seeing you!

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