Ministries/ Programs

Nowich Baptist Church has a variety of different ministries and programs outside of our regular weekly worship service which seek to further Christ’s kingdom and build relationships. Please check out the list below to learn more about the various groups. Perhaps one might be what you are looking for?



We have a dedicated group here at NBC who love to sing. If you are interested in joining our group, please come Wednesday evenings at  6 PM for practice and to  learn more

Pastoral Ministries

If you require the pastoral ministries of one of our pastors (spiritual mentoring, counselling, funerals, weddings, other public services) please click here.

Children’s and Family Ministries

At NBC we value children, teaching them in the ways of the Lord and their integral involvement in the life of the church. We offer Jr.Church and nursery during Sunday worship, and regularily involve children in the worship service during our Children’z Time where we sing a song and engage in a learning opportunity. We also encourage and value their involvement in the fellowship activities in the life of the church.


Our church offers a growing library with resources for everyone. We are excited about the growing quality of Christian literature available for spiritual growth. Come check out which book or DVD might be right for you. Topical areas include: Media, Christian fiction, children and youth, devotionals, discipleship, apologetics and evangelism, theology, Church history, Biblical studies, reference. Our librarians can connect you with a resource that God might use to change your life. FREE Bible can also be sought after.

Coffee Pot

Each month we will often have one Sunday where we will have a time of fellowship, during refreshments and a lite lunch after the service. Coffee Pot is a great way to catch up with old friends and meet new ones. Check out the church calendar for more details.

Missions and Outreach

At NBC we believe in reaching the lost and impact our world for Christ. We believe in individual responsibility to undertake this but also partner together to support a number of ministries like:

Canadian Baptist Ministries

Youth For Christ Norwich