Our History

The History of Norwich Baptist Church

The congregation of Norwich Baptist has been a witness to the community for over 130 years. The church had its beginnings when believers living in this area joined together to form a Baptist church in 1884. It was in that year that they also purchased our current building from the Methodists for a grand total of $4000.00. The Methodists (M.E.) had built the current structure in May of 1877.

Throughout our history we have celebrated, struggled and shared in the ministry together.

Throughout the years many ministries have existed within the church, some standing the test of time and still being active today. Sunday School, youth groups, Mission Circles, Ladies groups, music ministries, Kid’s Clubs, and more.

In 1924 the Ladies’ Aid paid for a new pipe organ which is still in use today. In the 1950’s the back addition on the church was added.  In 2002 work began to repair the leaking 96 year old baptistry and in 2003 we were blessed with the installation of a new audio platform.

NBC also holds a number of firsts. For example, Miss Gertrude Hulet (M.D.) who was a member of this church became the first Canadian Baptist medical missionary, going to India in 1900.

Norwich Baptist Church stands at the beginning of this new millennium both aware of its historic roots and striving to maintain a vibrant and fresh witness within our community.

Come and join us as we continue to be a part of His Story, which was, is, and will be, the greatest story ever told.

Right: Church exterior circa. 1904 (notice the horse sheds in the side yard).

Below: The front of the sanctuary circa. 1900.